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Player Handbook

2020-2021 Player Handbook

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Avidity Volleyball Club Season! The following describes Avidity Volleyball Club’s policies with respect to player participation in our program.  

Playing club volleyball amid a pandemic is definitely a new world for us.  We have adjusted our policies from last season and expect to be flexible as the year goes on.   

Practice Attendance

Avidity practices will be conducted twice a week at Danvers Indoor Sports (DIS).  Avidity athletes are expected to be present -- both mentally and physically -- at their practices.   

At Avidity, we consider practice attendance to be of the utmost importance.  We acknowledge that volleyball is the ultimate team sport. Our teams require each individual to be present at practices, work hard, and be the best they can be. Our teams rely on the work of the individuals to be a successful team.  

This season, in particular, the healthy and safety of our athletes is our top priority.  As we set this attendance policy, we want to ENSURE that our athletes attend practices only if they are feeling well enough, can legally do so (following quarantine mandates), and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.  Athletes are expected to stay home if they have exhibited any of the COVID-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC.  

Beginning last season, Avidity had a make-up practice policy where players were expected to make up each missed practice with another team.  This season, in an attempt to minimize cross contacts, this policy will not be in effect. This season, we are asking our families to be committed to Avidity and prioritize their team. 

This year, we are breaking attendance exceptions down into three categories:  mandatory absence, acceptable absence, unacceptable absence.  Please see below for further breakdown.   

Mandatory Absence Acceptable Absence Unacceptable absence
Exhibiting any of the COVID-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC MIAA team practice or game Concert tickets
If quarantining (suggested or mandatory) Academic event Attending a birthday party
Exposure to COVID-19 in the past 14 days   Too tired to practice

If players miss a practice due to an unacceptable absence, their playing time at a tournament may be affected. If players miss multiple practices due to unacceptable absences, they will be given a formal warning, followed by removal from their team.

We understand that the MIAA has moved many sports seasons around to accommodate restrictions. This season will be unlike any other.  We know that conflicts will arise with this and we are willing to work with our athletes, high school coaches, and athletic directors to be accommodating. However, we are requesting that our athletes make Avidity practice a priority and do whatever they can to be at as many practices as possible.  

If a player cannot attend practice, they are responsible for communicating this directly with their coaches at a minimum of at least  24 hours in advance (when possible), with much more notice preferred. 

For our younger players (12-14 years old), parent communication in regard to attendance is acceptable, however our older players (15-18 years old) need to communicate directly with their coach. Coaches will share their preferred method of communication at the beginning of the season. 

Lastly, we understand and value how hard our athletes work to maintain their strong academics. Avidity teams practice twice a week, for two hours each practice -- a total of four hours per week. Student-athletes have to be responsible for and on top of their academic schedules and assignments more than other students. We expect our players to be able to manage their time and assignments to make Avidity events a priority.  

Strength and Conditioning Classes

Strength and conditioning classes will be offered at Danvers Indoor Sports through Rep Fitness whenever practices are conducted at DIS from January until May.  The players will receive a list of times for their sessions at the beginning of the season. Avidity athletes are expected to attend strength and conditioning classes. Strength and conditioning classes are required at least one day a week for Travel and Open level teams. Players may also drop into other sessions throughout the week to receive additional training.  


Our world is forever changing and we are keeping our fingers crossed that tournaments will happen.  This season, our tournaments may look very different than ever before. However, our number-one priority is giving our players a place to play and compete safely.  As we go about this season and tournament dates change, we ask all our players to keep open lines of communication with us.  

  • Players are required to provide their own transportation to and from tournaments.
  • Players must arrive to a tournament in their designated Avidity Team Travel Gear.
  • When playing in a tournament players are required to wear the Avidity Club Uniform (jersey, athletic/volleyball shoes, black spandex, black socks), unless told otherwise by their coach prior to the tournament date.
  • Players must be at their tournament site by the arrival time listed on our website.  This will change depending on each tournament venue. 
  • Playing time 
    • Each player is guaranteed ⅓ playing time during pool play matches.
      • If an athlete misses practice(s) prior to a tournament, playing time is at the coach’s discretion.
    • Playing time during playoffs will be up to the coach’s discretion. 
    • Players may play “out of position” during the club season and at tournaments based on a team’s need. Our teams are formed with the best athletes in mind and we encourage our players to be open to playing new positions. We want our players to be well-rounded players who can step into any position, at any time, and have an impact on their team.
  • Players represent Avidity Volleyball Club and themselves when competing in tournaments and attending other club-related functions. We expect our athletes to display positive sportsmanship in all situations. Failure to do so will result in a loss of playing privileges or removal from our club.

1st Unexcused Tournament Absence - $200 fine and in-person meeting scheduled with player, parent/guardian and coaching staff.

2nd Unexcused Tournament Absence - Removal from team.

Communication with Coaches Protocol

Player communication with our coaching staff is essential. All parent interactions with coaching staff at tournaments and/or practices needs to be positive and cooperative.  

We strongly encourage our athletes to keep an open line of communication with their coaching staff. If players have concerns, they need to follow the following steps: 

  1. Players need to contact their coaches via email to request a meeting no sooner than 24 hours following a concern. A tournament or practice is not the time to resolve concerns and coaches are instructed to follow this protocol. In no circumstance is a parent or player to contact a coach via personal phone call or text message to relay a concern.  
  2. If the above concern is not sufficiently addressed, set up a meeting with the club director (Killeen Miller), the coaching staff, parents, and players.  

If a parent has a concern regarding their player, their player needs to schedule a time to meet with the coach and follow the above protocol. Failure to do so may result in your child being dismissed from the club. 

Payments & Fees

Tuition payments need to be made on time. Failure to make a payment will result in a player’s immediate suspension from the club.

Upon accepting a roster spot, families are responsible for fulfilling that financial obligation by following the payment plan provided in the offer letter.  

Snow Days

New England has variable weather. With players traveling from many surrounding communities, we take safety very seriously. For weather-related concerns, Avidity Volleyball club reserves the right to cancel practices up to one hour before a scheduled practice time. When cancellations occur, we will send out an email and post the information on our website as well as on our facebook page. 

Apparel & Equipment

All Avidity volleyball players will be given a brand-new Avidity Volleyball Club volleyball at the beginning of the season. All players are required to bring their volleyball with them to ALL tournaments. Players can decorate this ball in whichever way they choose, but at a minimum are required to put their name on their ball. 

When attending tournaments, Travel and Open players must wear their designated Avidity Travel Gear. Club-level teams should also wear their Avidity gear!  Be proud!!

Club Dress Code

Members of Avidity Volleyball Club are representing themselves, their team and the club. Players are not to wear clothing that is revealing, cut or torn, or clothing that represents another club affiliation. Players should refrain from wearing cut-off spandex, sports bras without shirts, short shirts that show the stomach or cleavage, or low-cut tank tops. Players traveling to or from a tournament venue are required to be in Team Apparel or non-branded apparel.

Drug, Alcohol and Drug Policy

Being a member of the Avidity program is a responsibility and a privilege. Therefore, the possession or use of any controlled substance, alcohol, or tobacco products by an athlete is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. In the event of the above instances, the club director reserves the right to immediately remove the player from the team.