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Mission Statement & Club Values

Mission Statement

Avidity Volleyball Club provides young, female athletes with unparalleled technical and tactical volleyball skill instruction in an environment that fosters passion for the game, personal growth and a cooperative spirit.

Core Values

Development of the Whole Player
Avidity values the development of our athletes on and off the court.  We are committed to our athletes’ physical and emotional growth and promoting their self-confidence as volleyball players and people in the community.  

Skill Development
Avidity trains our athletes to develop to their fullest potential with specific, targeted instruction that is clear and intentional.  Our coaches challenge our players through specific training sessions, practice plans and drill sequences that cater to individual need.  Through our work, our coaches focus on providing clear and consistent feedback to create competent players that feel and see the results of their dedication and hard work. 

Our athletes, coaches and staff are committed to our growth together.  Volleyball is a team sport and to be successful, it requires a level of dedication from each member of the team to be present. Success will come when players and coaches hold themselves and their teammates accountable to the team.
Avidity values an environment of inclusivity, where we celebrate the accomplishments of one another, our teams, and our program.  Our athletes understand the true meaning of team and devote time on and off the court to build relationships with each other. With our positive spirit, our athletes feel a sense of pride playing for Avidity.

Love of the Game
Our players and coaches play for Avidity because we love this sport.  We feel the power and love for what this game offers and the joy of hard work paying off.